Savings and pensions

Independent advice and guidance on savings and investment plans

Whether you want to save on a regular basis or simply want to review your current saving and investment plans, our independent personal finance advisors will listen, discuss, analyse and then advise on the best solution for not only your current needs but also for your long term goals.

FPM Advice Centre will carry out a complete review of your needs and aspirations in conjunction with your attitude to risk and current personal circumstances, any existing policies will scrutinised to ensure they are performing at their optimum level.

We offer a free initial consultation, our experienced pension financial planners are able to meet you at a time and place convenient to you.

FPM Advice Centre will help guide and advise you through the complicated and daunting world of savings and pensions. We have the knowledge and expertise in both the ‘accumulation’ and the ‘income’ stages of retirement planning.


  • Lump sum investment – to achieve maximum growth over the medium to long term
  • Tax efficient investments – such as ISAs
  • Regular investments – monthly investments to achieve a lump sum for the future
  • Pension investments – investing to ultimately receive a pension

Saving for retirement

Knowing when to start and how much to save for retirement can seem very daunting, and a lot of people tend to avoid starting a pension which is far from ideal.

The key to starting a pension is to start as soon as possible and to save as much as you can afford and review your pension and contributions as regularly as possible especially at key points in your life.

Whether you want to start to save for your retirement on a regular basis or you want advice and to discuss options for the pension pot you have built up already, FPM Advice Centre’s experienced pension financial planners can help at any stage of your pension’s life and will provide the most comprehensive and accurate financial information and investment advice to enable you to realise your future financial security.

FPM Advice Centre’s experienced pension financial planners will;

Analyse: We will analyse the performance of your current pension to see how it compares to other pensions on the market that might be performing better.

Compare costs: High performing pensions might appear attractive at first, however they may be hindered by high costs. Newer pensions may be more cost effective and overall be a better choice – we compare pensions to find the best value for you.

Discuss you circumstance: We understand that a persons attitude towards savings and retirement changes over the years and an original investment choice may seem too risky now – we will discuss your current policy will advise an investment that reflects your attitude and situation.

Identify: Your current pension might offer benefits that you might not want to loose – we can identify these and can either work to improve your overall pension package or advise on a similar pension with an overall better package. We would never move a pension to a different scheme if your current policy is the best option for YOU.

Nearly/into retirement

If you are coming up to retirement, deciding what to do with your savings and investments is a very important part of the financial planning process. There are a vast range of options from annuities, to drawdown, to lump sum withdrawal to choose from.

Having Independent advice at this point is key to ensure you maximise your income during your retirement, and if necessary, safeguard benefits for your spouse or family.

Our fees

We have set fees, but these are negotiable with your adviser. Please ask for details

Please remember…

The value of investments and income from them may go down as well as up. you may not get back the original amount invested.

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